Novel Chloroformate Reagents

Our research group has developed and described new chloroformate reagents which proved to be highly useful in a number of analytical applications. Refer to our publication list on this web site.

However, the new reagents have not been commercially available. In order to improve this situation and to open access to the new reagents we offer a list of reagent kits that are available at the Biology Centre of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. Each kit offer contains a reagent, material data safety sheet, current literature and value of basic know-how transfer to a potential user of the reagents.

In the case of interest, please, contact the Department E-mail address:

Important note !

It is responsibility of the user of the Reagent kit for safety precautions during manipulation and application of the reagents. Biology Centre does not have any liability for the use. For R&D use only. Refer to a relevant MSDS list delivered with the Reagent kit.

The reagents currently available:

BC_670_CDR007_HFBCF Heptafluorobutyl chloroformate, analytical grade – MSDS link

BC_670_CDR008_TFECF Trifluoroethyl chloroformate, analytical grade – MSDS link (coming soon)

Metabolite Mapper SW Platform

Dedicated metabolite mapping tool for express targeted metabolite diagnostics in diverse biological matrices.