2000-1994 Publications

2000-1994 Publications


  • 00-5 Tolman V, Šimek P (2000), Chemistry of 4-fluoroglutamic acid. Part 4. Resolution of the racemic erythro and threo forms through the diastereoisomeric salts. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 101 (2000), 1-14. IF=0.851.

  • 00-4 Kodrík D, Socha R, Šimek P, Goldsworthy GJ (2000), A new member of the AKH/RPCH family that simulates locomotory activity in the firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera). Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 30 (2000), 489-498. IF=1.920.

  • 00-3 Koštál V, Šimek P (2000), Overwintering strategy in Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera): The relations between life-cycle, chill tolerance and physiological adjustments. Journal of Insect Physiology 46 (2000), 1321-1329. IF=1.468.>/p>

  • 00-2 Jegorov A, Cvak L, Hušek A, Šimek P, Heydová A, Ondráček J, Pakhomová S, Hušák M, Kratochvíl B, Sedmera P, Havlíček V (2000), Synthesis and crystal structure determination of cyclosporin H. Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications 65 (2000), 1317-1326. IF=0.960.

  • 00-1 Kozák L, Francová H, Hrabincová E, Procházková D, Juttnerová V, Bzduch V, Šimek P (2000), Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome: Molecular-genetic analysis of ten families. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseases 23 (2000), 409-412. IF=1.414.


  • 99-2 Hodková M, Šimek P, Zahradníčková H, Nováková O (1999), Seasonal changes of fatty acid composition of phospholipids in thoracic muscles of a heteropteran, Pyrrhocoris apterus. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 29 (1999), 367-376.

  • 99-1 Gális I, Šimek P, Macas J, Zahradníčková H, Vlasák J, Wabiko H, Van Dongen W, Van Onckelen H, Ondřej M (1999), The Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58-6b gene confers resistance to N6-benzyl-adenine without modifying cytokinin metabolism in tobacco seedlings. Planta 209 (1999), 453-461.


  • 98-3 Dusbábek F, Zahradníčková H, Šimek P (1998), Chemical stability of assembly pheromone of argasid ticks (Ixodoidea: Argasidae). Folia Parasitologica 45 (1998), 62-66.

  • 98-2 Košťál V, Šula J, Šimek P (1998), Physiology of drought tolerance and cold hardiness of the mediterranean tiger moth Cymbalophora pudica during summer diapause. Journal of Insect Physiology 44 (1998), 165-173.

  • 98-1 Košťál V, Šimek P (1998), Changes in fatty acid composition of phospholipids and triacylglycerols after cold acclimation of an aestivating insect prepupa. Journal of Comparative Physiology B – Biochemical Systemic and Environmental Physiology168 (1998), 453-460.


  • 97-2 Jegorov A, Šimek P, Heydová A, Cvak L, Minář V (1997), Free and bonded homoisoleucine in sclerotia of parasitic fungus Claviceps purpurea. Amino Acids 12 (1997), 9-19.

  • 97-1 Dusbábek F, Rupeš V, Šimek P, Zahradníčková H (1997), Enhancement of permethrin efficacy in acaricide-attractant mixtures for control of the fowl tick Argas persicus (Acari: Argasidae). Experimental and Applied Acarology 21 (1997), 293-305.


  • 96-2 Košťál V, Šimek P (1996), Biochemistry and physiology of aestivo-hibernation in the adult apple blossom weevil, Anthonomus pomorum (Coleoptera: Curculionadae). Journal of Insect Physiology 42 (1996), 727-733.

  • 96-1 Košťál V, Nedvěd O, Šimek P (1996), Accumulation of high concentrations of myo-inositol in the overwintering ladybird beetle Ceratomegilla undecimnotata. CryoLetters 17 (1996), 267-272.


  • 95-2 Jegorov A, Maťha V, Sedmera P, Havlíček V, Stuchlík J, Seidel P, Šimek P (1995), New natural cyclosporines from Tolypocladium terricola. Phytochemistry 38 (1995), 403-407.

  • 95-1 Košťál V, Šimek P (1995), Dynamics of cold hardiness, supercooling and cryoprotectants in diapausing and non-diapausing pupae of the cabbage root fly, Delia radicum Journal if Insect Physiology 41 (1995), 627-634.


  • 94-6 Šimek P, Heydová A, Jegorov A (1994), High resolution capillary gas chromatography and GC/MS of protein and nonprotein amino acids, amino alcohols and hydroxycarboxylic acids as their tert-butyldimethylsilyl derivatives. HRC – Journal of High Resolution Chromatography 17 (1994), 147-152.

  • 94-5 Šimek P, Jegorov A, Dusbábek F (1994), Determination of purine, pyrimidine bases and nucleosides in excreta of Arthropods by conventional and microbore HPLC and gas chromatography with mass spectrometric detection. Journal of Chromatography A 679 (1994), 195-200.

  • 94-4 Kadlec Z, Šimek P, Heydová A, Jegorov A, Maťha V, Landa Z, Eyal J (1994), Chemotaxonomic discrimination among the fungal genera Tolypocladium, Beauveria and Paecilomyces. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 22 (1994), 803-806.

  • 94-3 Jegorov A, Sedmera P, Maťha V, Šimek P, Zahradníčková H, Landa Z, Eyal J (1994), Beauverolides L and La from Beauveria tenella and Paecilomyces fumosoroseum. Phytochemistry 37 (1994), 1301-1303.

  • 94-2 Zahradníčková H, Šimek P, Hořicová P, Tříska J (1994), Determination of atrazine and simazine in drinking and surface waters by solid phase extraction and high performance thin layer chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A 688 (1994), 383-389.

  • 94-1 Šimek P, Heydová A, Jegorov A (1994), Amino Acids, Amino Alcohols, Beauverolides, Hydroxycarboxylic acids. Recorder (Lovendegem, Belgium) 90, (1994) 461-463, 479.

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