Novel reagents labeled with stable isotopes

Novel reagents labeled with stable isotopes

Novel Chloroformate Reagents

Our research group has developed and described new chloroformate reagents which proved to be highly useful in a number of analytical applications. Refer to our publication list on this web site.

13C2 Ethyl Chloroformate 13C3 Ethyl Chloroformate D2 Ethyl Chloroformate D3 Ethyl Chloroformate
D5 Ethyl Chloroformate Heptafluorobutyl Chloroformate 2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl chloroformate 2,2,3,3,3-Pentafluoropropyl chloroformate

Novel D3-Gelb reagent (D3-AMPP) reagent

N-(4-aminomethylphenyl)pyridinium (AMPP) was developed by Gelb and coworkers for improved sensitivity mass spectrometric detection of carboxylic acids by charge reversal derivatization1. Advanced analytical applications of this approach utilize D3-AMPP reagent, which was prepared in our laboratory.


Novel standards

Part of our research group is involved in the isolation techniques for obtaining beauveriolides from the fungal strain Isaria fumosorosea PFR 97-Apopka.

Beauveriolide I Beauveriolide F Beauveriolide M

Recently, our research group has been focused on ecdysteroid analysis. In order to validate the method, (E,Z)-14,15-Anhydro-20-hydroxyecdysone oxime was synthesized and isolated.

(E,Z)-14,15-Anhydro-20-hydroxyecdysone oxime

Novel Cordyceps food supplement MAIA