Laboratory of Analytical Biochemistry & Metabolomics, Biology Centre CAS (BCLAB)

The BCLAB mission is to study novel bioanalytical approaches and apply them into metabolite research of insects and other important living organims. Unique analytical platforms developed by the BCLAB team cover the analysis of a comprehensive set of metabolites, from small molecules derived from organic and amino acids, amines, over nucleosides, nucleotides, lipids, steroids, sugars or their conjugates to peptide sequencing. In addition to the own bioanalytical projects, the research group participates in interdisciplinary research of the Biology Centre where numerous research teams and associates profit from the developed analytical methodologies and the unique know-how of the bioanalytical group.

Petr Simek and Martin Moos attended the conference 20th School of Mass Spectrometry 2020, Petr Simek presented the usefulness of derivatizations in mass spectrometry and new trends in this field. Martin Moos told about isotopic labeling in metabolic pathway research....